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A delicious appetizer or side dish – stewed beets in sour cream sauce is prepared using other vegetables and with the addition of sour cream. It is served both hot and cold.

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When young vegetables appear, stewed beets are prepared for boiled potatoes at home. While the roots are young, they are very tender and almost sweet, intensely dark and cook beautifully. This dish is simple and is prepared almost without personal participation. It is enough to cut the vegetables, lightly fry them and stew under the lid until ready.

A similar recipe is found in almost all old cookbooks, including editions more than a century ago. It is noteworthy that wine vinegar is one of the important ingredients in old recipes. It is believed that the presence of acid allows to fully reveal the color of beets. Now, it appears that the new varieties of vegetables already have a wonderful dark color and do not need to improve the color.

Stewed beetroot in sour cream sauce is both a hot and a cold appetizer

An interesting feature of this vegetable dish is that it can be served as a hot or cold snack, as desired. In cold form, this is a snack with a pleasant taste and low calorie content. It somewhat resembles the well-known beet salad, but without mayonnaise. A hot dish is a great side dish for boiled new potatoes. It is especially tasty if small potatoes are poured with homemade sour cream with chopped garlic cloves and young dill. 

I read somewhere that in the ancient world, beets were used exclusively for medicinal purposes. It was believed that he was a healer. In Russia, beets were called “Sviatoslav’s vegetable.” The healing properties of these vegetables were revealed due to the large number of vitamins and antioxidants, it has an antiseptic effect. In addition, the beneficial effect on the microflora makes it a desirable vegetable in the food system. Ukrainian borscht and many other delicious, famous dishes are impossible without beets.

Which beets are better for stewing? Ideal if you are cooking in early summer and have nice, small-sized young beets. At other times of the year, it is better to use small root crops with an even color and a not very coarse texture.

Stewed beets are also prepared using secondary vegetables. As a rule, these are carrots, parsley root and celery, sometimes parsnips and cabbage head – as an option, kohlrabi cabbage. In general, the number of beets in the dish should be more than half. At the end of cooking, stewed vegetables can be poured with sour cream or sauce and baked in the oven. Moreover, the amount of sauce is exclusively to taste.

Beetroot snack recipes

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Yield: 2 - 4 servings

Beetroot snack

all Recipes | Закуска тушкований буряк

Stewed beets. While the roots are young, they are very tender and almost sweet, intensely dark, and cook beautifully. This dish is not complicated, and it is prepared practically without personal participation. It is enough to cut the vegetables, lightly fry and stew under the lid until ready.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • Young beets 3 – 4 pcs.
  • Carrot – 1 pc.
  • Celery root (or parsley, parsnip) – 1 piece
  • Garlic 2 – 3 cloves
  • Butter – 2 tbsp. l.
  • Sour cream – 0.5 cups (0.12 l)
  • Salt, black pepper, bay leaf, wine vinegar – to taste
  • Sugar, flour – as needed


    The best stewed beet comes from young vegetables – it has a soft and delicate taste, a beautiful color of the dish. If there is a desire, it can be made a completely vegetarian dish by replacing the butter with vegetable oil. After excluding sour cream, you can thicken the dish with a small amount of flour – this is optional. Secondary vegetables are at your discretion, you can even do without them.

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    Peel carrots and celery. Cut them into strips. Melt the butter in a deep pan with a lid. Add chopped vegetables to it and fry them for 5–6 minutes so that they begin to brown slightly. Peeling beets and cutting them into large strips or small slices is a matter of taste. Stirring constantly, fry all the vegetables together for about 10 minutes.

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    Salt the beets and vegetables very slightly, add 1 tbsp. l. wine vinegar – if you are afraid, add less, as a result, stewed beets will not be sour in any case. If not young root crops are used, I advise you to add 1 tsp. sugar. Add finely chopped garlic. Mix the vegetables and add 1 cup (0.24 l) of water. Put the pan on the fire and cover with a lid.

    Stew the beets on medium heat for about 40 minutes. It will not be superfluous to stir occasionally, and also to make sure that there is a little water in the pan. If the water has evaporated or has been absorbed by the vegetables, it should be added a little – not much at all.

    At the very end, add 1-2 bay leaves. If necessary, you can add a little sugar – I decided to add it, it significantly improved the taste of the dish. The taste should also be well peppered.

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    Add half a glass of sour cream – you can buy store-bought sour cream with a fat content of 10-15%. If you decided to cook a completely vegetarian dish, and replaced the butter with vegetable oil, dilute 1 tbsp. l. flour and half a glass of water, mix and pour the mixture into the vegetables through a strainer. Mix the vegetables with sour cream or flour sauce and stew under the lid for another 10 minutes.

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    Stewed beets are ready. It remains to decide in what form it should be served and with what. A cold appetizer should be cooled and served separately. As a side dish, serve beets with potatoes on the same plate. Or put stewed beets in a small salad bowl and serve as a hot vegetable snack. It will be tasty and simple with a piece of fresh bread.

    all Recipes | Готова закуска тушкований буряк

    Stewed beets with vegetables and sour cream is a wonderful vegetable dish.

    Bon appétit!


The flour in the recipe is used only when preparing the vegetarian version of the dish!

Nutrition Information

Serving Size

2 - 4 servings

Amount Per Serving Calories 75Total Fat 3gCarbohydrates 10,3gProtein 1,6g

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